Different people have different tastes and this applies even to nightstands. Owning a distressed mirrored nightstand is quite a cool thing. With the distressed trend entering the furniture arena, it is now common to find distressed nightstands in leading furniture stores. Furniture manufacturers are now embracing the fact that distressed pieces are in demand and the nightstand is not to be left behind. This piece of furniture will look old yet at the same time stay stylish if not glamorous. Many stores today feature distressed nightstands and it’s all upon you to make the right pick. The styles, sizes and even the shapes of these nightstands vary and you will have a field day choosing the right one to complement your bedroom.

Your bedroom is supposed to be a haven where you run to when you want to rest, sleep or take a break from the hullabaloo of the world. Such a bedroom, if adorned with a cool looking distressed mirrored nightstand, will definitely serve its purpose perfectly. The main features that you are going to enjoy when you buy this stand include the space-enlarging effect and the functionality of the drawers and the table top surface. You will be able to place your magazines, night lamp, your alarm clock and other small accessories here. The distressed effect of the nightstand contrasts well with the mirrors and the rest of the furniture in the bedroom. It is definitely the item to pick if you are hoping to revitalize your bedroom.

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