A good percentage of the population is intrigued by antique furniture. You could be one of them. Out of these numbers, the bigger group routinely searches for antique furniture and has accumulated a couple more of it. The remaining group may or may not own any furniture but would buy some if presented with options to choose from. You may be in the first group. Perhaps you fall under the second category. Among antique items that will appeal to both categories of people are antique mirrored nightstands. It’s easy to see why. The rare cut and precise finish of this furniture gives it desirability. In your bedroom, these nightstands will evoke the same feeling of rendezvous only antique furniture can bring out while making the room’s ambience warm and homey.

Pair your antique mirrored nightstands with a contemporary styled or traditionally styled bed. If you’re lucky to come across an antique bed, pairing it with the nightstands will give a more complete look. It’s however, not necessary as with a little effort, the antique units will blend in with the rest of the room. The mirrored portions of the nightstands are among its most attractive feature. They do a fine job of breaking down the boundaries of the rustic style and the modern style to merge the two in a seamless work of art that is perfectly conceptualized and brought to life. The nightstands can be the only antique furniture in the room or you can add a couple more antique pieces to advance the rustic look even more.

Sanctuary Wide Nightstand
Sanctuary Wide Nightstand
Add a touch of sophistication and style to your bedroom with Hooker Furniture’s Sanctuary Bachelor’s Chest. It features solid wood edge top, brown finish and 2 drawers with wallpapered int
Antique Silver Mirrored Nightstand
Choose this Antique Silver Mirrored Nightstand from Urban Accents if you desire to give a classic look to your bedroom with a modern twist. This nightstand is a classically modern looking mirror table
$599.99 $449.99
Mirrored Leg Nightstand
Hooker Furniture brings style and functionality to your bedroom with its Sanctuary Mirrored Leg Nightstand. It features top-of-the-line, full-extension drawers with a smoothly-operating metal glide sy
$1,817.99 $1,259
Antique Mirrored Nightstand
Give a classic look to your interior with this antiqued mirrored nightstand offered by a well-known Tanyas Furniture. It features 3 drawers that allow you ample storage space for your small items. It
Olivia Mirrored Nightstand
Olivia Antique Silver Mirrored Nightstand is a stylish piece of furniture that adds a touch of elegance with modern twist to your bedroom decor. It has contemporary design with three drawers and clear
2-Drawer Mirrored Nightstand
Furnish your bedroom with a stylish mirrored nightstand offered by Tanyas Furniture at this amazing price. This mirrored nightstand is crafted with fine quality wood and glass. It features an antique
Helina Mirrored Nightstand
Elegant and distinctive, Helina Nightstand at an amazing price, CAD $199. This antique style bedside table features patterned mirrors atop gorgeous birch veneer with metal tassel handles. Its mirrored
Starlight Mirrored Nightstand
Wishing to buy an unique mirrored nightstand for your bedroom decor? Just take a look at the Lexington 537-624 Starlight Mirrored Nightstand. It beautiful nightstand features 3 drawers with antique mi