If your bedroom is looking bare, adding a mirrored furniture piece will make a world of difference to this space. The evergreen appeal of mirrored furniture is season-defying and you'll comfortably use your mirrored bedside table all through the year without ever feeling like you need to put it aside and replace it with something else. Every season is trending season for mirrored pieces and your nightstand will retain its place by the bed even when you do a makeover that has you replacing all the furniture. It blends well with other types and styles and will look good no matter what other pieces you’ve used in the room.

Because the mirrored nightstand goes well with other styles, it can be placed in rooms where the decor is predominantly contemporary, traditional or something in-between. The mirrored glass is what gives the nightstand its definitive good looks. To capitalize on the brightness of the mirror, you can use furniture with a glossy finish to create some symmetry in the room. Some people prefer replacing all major furniture with the mirrored variety to create a uniform look. But this is not necessary unless your styling aspirations call for you to go to such lengths. Plus it’s going to cost you so it’s not something you automatically do unless you’ve thought about it and set aside a budget for it.

To buy one mirrored bedside table or to buy two is a question many people furnishing or refurnishing their bedrooms grapple with. The main thing to factor in here is the size of the room as this is what nearly always determines whether you need one nightstand or two. In large rooms, two small bedstand framing either side of the bed are the standard. But there is no rule against this and you can use only one nightstand if you like how it looks. Some designs of mirrored night tables are such that only one piece need be used in the bedroom. If you go for such a model, then there is no need for buying two. Again, if the bedside table is large, you probably don’t need two of them. One will suffice. So consider room size and size and design of the nightstand to decide whether to use one or two pieces in the bedroom. If you’ll be using the bedstand in a different room other than the bedroom, you’ll usually require only one piece, especially when using it in its functional capacity. If you need the nightstands for decorative purposes only, then you can arrange two or three, depending on the look you hope to attain.

Lastly, a mirrored bedside table is an aesthetic furniture type whose beauty can be further accentuated using details. Ornate knobs or handles, fancy legs and edge trimming are the most common forms of detailing used to make each nightstand captivating. All three come in a wide range of styles and designs, and you’ll enjoy choosing from the tens of options available. Also important to consider is the drawer size. Go for a mirrored nightstand whose drawers are big enough to meet your storage requirements.

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